Product Details

red yeast rice

RED YEAST RICE   0.5%,  1%,  1.5%,  2%,  3%,  5% available.

100% all nature fermentation

Monacolin K,GABA content exactly tested,with real therapeutic effection;

Acid Monacolin K >45%,reduce liver burden,easy absorb, outstanding effection;

No citrinin.

Have non-pollution rice and organic rice base.
We never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulator and livestock feed additives material, never use genetic engineering to get organisms and their products, follow the natural rules and ecology principle,Ensure the raw materials are safety and reliability.
The completely strict quality control system ensure our production process safety and traceable. ISO9001, ISO 22000, USDA organic, EU organic, KOSHER and HALLA are accredited. All products are produced in GMP workshops. To assure product good absolute quality.
From the inputing of raw material、 femetation、 and packing. All production processes are completed in the GMP workshop.

No.1 Red yeast rice:
Contain lovastatin 0.1%-3.0% .
Main efficacy :lower blood lipid.

No.2 Red yeast rice:
Contain lovastatin 0.1%-3.0% and GABA 0.1%-1.0%
Main efficacy:
1. lower blood lipid;
2. reinforce the function of brain,help cure impediment in memory and language;
3. lower blood pressure;
4. soothe the nerves and stabilize moods;
5. reduce fear.

No.3 Red yeast rice:
Contain lovastatin sodium 0.1%-3.0% .
Main efficacy:
1. lower blood lipid , water-soluble with open ring, can be absorbed directly by body.
2. improve the degree of benign prostatic hyperplasia,reduce tumor proliferation,lengthen one's life
3. prevent cholelithiasis
4. heat stable

No.4 Red yeast rice:
Contain lovastatin 0.1%-3.0% or lovastatin Sodium 0.1%-3.0%
With white appearance, so we also call it"white yeast rice".
Main efficacy:
1.lower blood lipid;
2.lower blood pressure;

No.5 Red yeast rice with flavonoid active materials:
Main efficacy:
1.lower blood lipid;
2.lower blood pressure;

NO.6 Red Yeast Rice as chicken fodder additive
Contain lovastatin 0.1%-0.2%
Main efficacy:
The supplement cut the eggs' cholesterol by almost 14 percent and no monacolin K left in the chicken's eggs.Compared with other supplements that not only beats the effect of lovastatin in earlier trials, but also achieved it with less of a supplement dose.

NO.7 Red Yeast Rice as color additive
Contain lovastatin 0.1% and GABA0.2mg/g.
Color number at 800u/g-1500u/g.
Main efficacy: A natural functional color additive to develop health-care food, meat products, cake, beverage, alcohol, flavouring,cosmetic, medicine and so on.