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    Water-soluble American Ginseng P.E.

    Product Name: Water-soluble American Ginseng P.E.

    Product name American Ginseng Extract
    Used part Root
    Botanical Source Panax quinque folium L.
    Active Ingredient American ginseng saponins
    Extract Solvent Ethanol
    Specifications 10%-20%
    Assay HPLC
    Character Yellow or light yellow powder,taste bitter.
    Solubility 1g powder can easily soluble in 5ml water

    1.Anticonvulsant, analgesic, antipyretic
    2.Anti-arrhythmia, anti-ischemic
    3.Anti-hemolysis, bleeding, Reducing blood sugar
    5.Improve immunity
    6.Improve fat metabolism and glucose metabolism

    Health products,beverages and cosmetics etc.

    Packed with double plastic bags directly and with an Aluminum foil bag
    or Drum external (25kg/Drum)

    Expiry Time
    2 years

    Imported raw material from Canada
    Low pesticide and low heavy mental
    North American Ginseng Root P.E.
    High quality & competitive price
    1g powder can easily soluble in 5ml water